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Get him, Yes Man!

Get him, Yes Man!


Okay, last one.  There were more but I panicked and put a bunch of Taffy, Bitter and Toasty’s pictures because those three draw Layla the most (they’re also the three I’ve met in person….. so I’m starting to think my power is area-based B)).

I thought about keeping it just those three’s work, but I was physically unable to exclude Missy and Sarah’s work D:

Anyway, thank you again to all who have drawn Layla over these two years.  There were more than these, but I had to stop somewhere D:  Know that every time someone does, they are carefully cataloged and gazed at lovingly.

Credits are:

Bitter, Sarah, Taffy, Bitter Toasty, Taffy, Missy, Toasty, Bitter, Toasty

Part two of some of my favorite art of Layla done by others!  Most of these are ones that came up from RP scenarios, but if you think for one moment I don’t love the sketches as much as the polished pieces, you mad.

Credits are:

Billie-Mod, Kathy, Dwight-mod, Abel, Siefl, Naggy, Raja, Maggie, Brenna and Brando!


Layla’s blog and actual birthday are coming up on the 1st, so I thought I’d showcase some of my favorite art of her by others.

I thought I could narrow down my favorites to ten…. but I’m going to have to do a part 2……(maybe 3).

Thank you again, all the sweethearts who drew these AMAZING PICTURES of my glorified mary sue ; ;

Credits are: Psycrowe, Skitty, Toc, Kwillow, Brofligate, Taffy, Conversation Parade, Antler, Bitter and Toasty.

We uh.. have issues working together.





[[ alright in the midst of all of this a few things have come to my attention involving #stocksteak and id like to make a psa of sorts. please be warned im, gonna be mentioning #harassment of all sorts beneath the readmore, this is hard for me to get out because i myself have a tough time with this sort of thing. but here it goes

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Sigh. Every time I see something like this on my dashboard I feel outrageously guilty for not warning everyone about him, because, surprise surprise, I’ve had extremely similar experiences.

Please read these, you guys. It would mean a lot to me and be for your own good.

At first I thought about posting it on Tom. But no, no, no.

Here, is where everyone can see this. HERE everyone can get a warning.

Because it appears this bad behavior that I have seen first hand is not stopping. Nor getting better.

Victim blaming is horrible.
Harassment is horrible.
Trying to GUILT people into doing things is horrible.
Its horrible to try to get others to turn on people you hurt because they spoke out.

We know I have a lot of PSA’s on here. FUN FACT! A lot of the PSA’s were cause by him. I didn’t want to name names because I thought is was just an isolated incident.

But guess what? Its #stocksteak

I know you apologized to me. But it doesn’t do any good if you are just KEEP GOING AROUND AND HARASSING PEOPLE!

I also know you didn’t like my Harassment PSA that came not so long ago that stimmed from WORK HARASSMENT.

Cause you got offended at the thought of someone was talking about you harassing them.

People need to talk if you are hurting them.
And its not JUST ONE PERSON.


It’s my fictional child’s birthday, so Happy Birthday, Isfet.
May there be many more lazy mornings in Novac


It’s my fictional child’s birthday, so Happy Birthday, Isfet.

May there be many more lazy mornings in Novac



I am always watching, courier. Always.